Reasons You Shouldn’t Stop Advertising During the Holidays

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The holidays are coming up, which means many businesses will wind down, lead generation efforts will be at a minimum, and the focus will be on next year’s strategy. 

There’s a reason a lot of businesses slow down during the holidays – the season does come with some challenges. But, if you’re looking to stand out from the competition, the holiday period is actually a key opportunity for lead generation that countless businesses miss every single year.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Stop Advertising During the Holidays

01. Your prospects are in the planning stage

The holidays do come with some much needed downtime for many. A large purchase decision may not be an immediate concern, but it’s a great time for research and learning about brands that align with their needs.

02. There is less competition

It’s not just prospects winding down this time of year, your competitors are likely decreasing their lead generation efforts too. Even if you don’t close deals with prospects, you’ll plant the seed in their mind that your business takes initiative, and they’ll think of you in the new year when they’re ready to buy. 

03. Leads are still on social media

If you’ve tried reaching out to a potential customer but keep getting recorded holiday messages, remember, they’ll still be checking social media. In fact, people are on social media much more during the holidays.

04. Maintain the momentum

It’s okay to adjust goals from focusing on purchases and leads and pivot to brand building and engagement. Doing so will,

  1. Maintain optimizations we have been building throughout the previous months.

  2. Give us the ability to ramp up more quickly again post-holiday, versus having a cold start and the need to rebuild several retargeting audiences

  3. Build brand equity. Your audience doesn’t stop browsing. Even if they are “searching”, we can still display brand messages as they browse the web, staying top of mind until they are ready to buy.

Remember, equally important as generating leads is nurturing those leads that come in while the office is closed or you’re away from your desk. Email marketing automation is easy to set up and can help keep prospects interested until you are able to reach out.

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