Strategy for Increasing Facebook Presence

The difficulty that comes with marketing on Facebook is that there is too much content uploaded each day. When Facebook attempts to provide only the most relevant content to each user, it becomes very hard for your business to stand out.

The new Facebook algorithm works by prioritizing content posted from friends over publishers, with a focus on ‘meaningful interactions’.

4 factors determine if a post is seen as relevant to a user:


  • Every piece of content that is in someone’s Newsfeed


  • This is all of the data and information that is stored in your post and collected by Facebook. This data includes: the kind of content (picture or video), when you posted it, who posted it, and more.
  • Signals are the factor you have control over. 


  • Simply put, Facebook looks at user’s behaviour and with this information, tries to predict how likely someone is to have a positive interaction with your post.


  • This is the final “score” assigned to your post, based on all of the data collected about your post. The better your score, the more likely it is that users will interact with your content in a positive manner!

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