How to Build Your Presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses to share corporate updates, interesting and/or relevant articles, but most of all, job postings and hiring requests. Although an often overlooked platform, we recommend utilizing LinkedIn in an efficient, effective way to enhance your brand perception and attain high quality talent that will help you achieve your bottom-line.

What to Know about LinkedIn’s Algorithm:

LinkedIn’s algorithm has shifted over time to mirror the algorithms of other social media networks. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn assigns your content a relevancy score, in an attempt to send it to users who are most likely to engage with the post. 

Your post initially enters the feeds of your top “fans”, or the people who interact with your posts the most. These are usually your connections, predicted friends and family, along with your most recently added connections. If a majority of these users like the post, LinkedIn’s algorithm will assume that the post is more relevant, thereby forwarding it to a wider audience. 

An important thing to note is that comments are favoured by LinkedIn’s algorithm. While likes are an important metric, comments tell LinkedIn that people are really interested in your post. Comments also provide more data for LinkedIn, helping them curate a user’s feed. 

What does this mean for my content?

ROC Media Inc. has mastered a tried and true way to increase your brand’s presence on LinkedIn. This leads to more followers and better engagement for your posts.

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