Strategy for Increasing Instagram Presence

What to Know about Instagram’s Algorithm:

There are 6 key factors that influence the Instagram algorithm (in order of most relevant):

1. Interest

  • Based on other posts the user likes, comments on, shares, and views

2. Relationship 

  • If you interact frequently with a page, Instagram assumes a connection such as family or friend

3. Timeliness

  • The algorithm sorts through the most favourable posts since the last visit

4. Frequency 

  • How often accounts post and how often you engage with them

5. Following 

  • How many accounts you follow

6. Usage 

  • How often you use the app determines the content you are shown

Posts with more likes, comments, and shares get pushed to the top of a followers feed. Your top interactors (we like to call them your “superfans”) get shown content first. That group includes people or businesses who regularly like and comment on your photos. 

Instagram’s algorithm keeps tabs on how many accounts a user is following. You have better odds at boosting engagement if your followers are not following a whole lot of accounts. This is because the algorithm has less posts to prioritize, so it’s likely that your posts will consistently make it to their feed. If the accounts that follow you are also following thousands of other users, unless they frequently engage with your account, it’s unlikely that your posts will make it to their feed.

The algorithm also calculates peoples app usage, so, if your followers spend a lot of time on Instagram, they’ll see more posts, displayed in time-order. If your followers only spend a few minutes in the app each day, then they just get the day’s highlights, regardless of time-order. This is why it’s harder for your posts to be noticed by a wider audience. If your followers don’t typically spend much time on Instagram, when they do use the app, the algorithm shows them highlights, which tend to be posts from their friends and family. 

In short, the Instagram algorithm shows people new content from the accounts they engage with the most.


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